About Eclipse Security

Founded by a veteran law enforcement officer, Eclipse Security is setting the standard for modern security solutions.

Former sheriff’s deputy Mark Mercer established ownership of Eclipse Security in 2009, opening its doors on a new era on June 1 of that year. But the company’s origins actually begin a couple of decades earlier than that.

In fact, you can trace the story of Eclipse all the way back to 1989. That’s when Mercer first became involved in law enforcement, first working as a deputy sheriff for two different policing agencies.

Perhaps the most effective and renowned use of his skills came in the dark weeks following the September 11th attacks. It was then that Mercer became one of the first links in the chain that would ultimately lead to the conviction and sentencing of the so-called “Portland Seven.”Not long after, Mercer entered the private security industry, where he continued to hone and perfect his skills.

It was in the security field — continuously informed by his years with the sheriff’s office — that Mercer learned the ins and outs of professional security details, how best to monitor and respond to security concerns, and where and when to look for blind spots in a property’s or event’s overall security apparatus.

Now, as we enter the third decade of the 21st century and Mercer enters his fourth decade in law enforcement and security, the company he bought in 2009 is primed for growth and ready to serve.

Eclipse Security: Equipped to Serve

Upon its founding in ‘09, Eclipse Security’s leadership team set out to transform the small security agency into the region’s premier professional security agency. In doing so, it also transformed the security industry itself.

By continually working to improve and update the technical (computer) and mechanical (vehicle) systems with which it operates, Eclipse Security is at the forefront of a new age of security professionals. With the latest software powering the best communications and security dispatch systems, Eclipse monitors and patrols a wider range of clients and properties than ever before.

The result? Since 2009, the company has set about redefining what 21st-century security can and should be. From humble beginnings — just three employees on opening day (one full-time and two part-time) — Mercer’s crew has now grown to 40 employees, and Eclipse continues to add to both its employee roster and its client list.

Each member of the Eclipse team is an expert in professional security monitoring and response. And each officer is dedicated to superior customer service and the revitalization of their roles in helping protect and secure the communities in which they live and work.

Protect Private Property Secure Your Investments Peace of Mind

Serving where you need it most

Look around Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington and you’re bound to see one of Eclipse Security’s uniformed officers or one of its top-of-the-line vehicles responding to a security event or monitoring and securing a property.

From construction sites, utilities, and apartment complexes to shopping malls, banks, office workspaces, and manufacturing facilities, Eclipse Security is positioned where it can best keep a close watch on the things that matter most to our clients.

Positioned, in other words, for today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

Security needs and the responses they require change often, sometimes from one day to the next. You can count on the trusted security professionals at Eclipse to remain multiple steps ahead of those changes — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Armed and unarmed officers
  • Motor vehicle and foot patrols
  • Events/crowd control
  • Alarm/incident response
  • Fire/emergency watch
  • Vacation/vacant residence watch
  • Disgruntled employee protection
  • Transient removal
  • And so much more.

“What I appreciate most is their hands on approach , they are trained to promptly solve problems. Consider them for your security needs!”

“The professionals at Eclipse Security met all of our demands. Excellent communicators, the staff and owner supported our immediate needs and concerns. “

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