Fire Watch

Our security officers are highly trained professionals who can respond to and report on fire- and fire-alarm-related situations.

Businesses are wise to install professionally monitored fire alarm systems in and around their premises. But for added security and protection of property, consider partnering with Eclipse Security. We’ll act as first responders for alarmed structures and as the first line of defense and reporting when alarms are absent or malfunctioning.

Here are a few of the fire watch and security details Eclipse can provide for you:

  • Patrol Services: We can perform this service on foot, in our branded company vehicles, or some combination of the two. We’ll set up an effective routine of regular patrols and monitoring that will keep your property safe and secure with consistent fire watch and surveillance alongside real-time event monitoring and reporting.
  • Patrol logs: You’ll never be in the dark about the patrols and fire watch routines we’ve implemented. Our officers are trained to report their daily duties and to keep you apprised of any changes or challenges to our fire watch protocols.
  • Hazard watch: Our officers will monitor your property and identify potential fire hazards based on best practices as determined by local fire codes.
  • Fire reporting and emergency response: In the event that our officers spot a likely fire, they will contact the appropriate fire departments to deal directly with the situation.

Who might benefit most from fire watch services in Vancouver and Portland? Business owners who need an added layer of security and monitoring for their properties, certainly. But also:

  • Construction sites: Depending on local fire codes, your construction site may require an on-site fire watch. Construction site managers understand the number of fire hazards present on a typical construction job.
  • Structures with absent or inoperable smoke and fire alarm systems: Perhaps your home or business has no alarm. Maybe the fire and smoke alarm systems and the sprinklers are in the process of being upgraded. In any case, Eclipse Security’s fire watch provides an additional layer of protection for your property.
  • Hazardous storage: If your business requires the storage of flammable or combustible materials, a fire watch is a way to improve the effectiveness of your overall fire prevention system.

In short, fire watch in Vancouver WA and Portland OR includes our professional security officers patrolling or otherwise monitoring your property for signs of fire, fire hazards, and alerting the fire department to any fire-related emergencies as they arise.

We are a proactive security service.

We’ll safeguard your property in the event of an emergency or fire-related hazard.

Keep in mind that cities will routinely shut off water service to certain sections of the city as they repair or replace aging water and sewer infrastructure. In cases like this, it’s important to have a fire watch on duty for the duration of the waster outage in case anything should flare up — literally.

Our fire watch services are perfect for homes, medical facilities, construction sites, food cart clusters, industrial environments, schools, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, and so much more. In many cases, we’ll be able to respond more swiftly to an emergency than the official agencies who are tasked with monitoring an entire city or region.

With Eclipse, you have your own personal property protection service that is ready and able to monitor what’s most important to you — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As we’ve said before — and we’ll no doubt say again! — an alarm system is only as effective as the security teams dispatched to respond to it. With Eclipse Security as your fire watch expert, you can rest easy knowing that a trained and professional team is keeping an eye on your most valuable assets.

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