Why You Need Security

There are a lot of things that go into a complete, unified, and effective security system. Eclipse Security’s clients know what they want — but they don’t always know what they need

Here’s the thing about an effective security system: It should be quiet most of the time.

If it’s been thoughtfully designed; if it’s functioning properly; if it’s being monitored by expert security professionals who respond when appropriate; if it’s deterring the bad-intentioned from their bad intentions, then most likely, you’ll never even think about it.

This, oddly enough, could lead to a false sense of security. In other words, successful security systems are so effective, they can make one wonder if they’re even necessary. It’s like a fence that keeps wolves away from livestock. After a few years with no attacks on the livestock, one might begin to wonder if a fence is even necessary.

But it is.

Here’s Why You Need Security

Burglars and thieves are like lightning; they strike quickly, choosing the path of least resistance between themselves and their target. Faced with no deterrence, they’ll pick a property clean.

Same with those whose aim is not theft but “dumpster-diving,” property destruction, vandalism, graffiti, and more.

What most properties need is a combination of a quality alarm system and a security team made up of security experts well-versed in both law enforcement and security detail.

A team made up of dozens of security professionals, working for a company that applies no pressure to its clients — no hard sells and no upsells, no gimmicks and nothing you don’t need.

Just good ol’ fashioned security know-how melded to 21st-century technology and presented to you as a suite of security services designed and implemented precisely for your needs and the needs of your property.

What you need is Eclipse Security.

And Here’s Why You Need Eclipse Security

The security monitoring and response ecosystem are improved and informed by new technologies and unobtrusive surveillance tools that come online all the time.

Eclipse Security remains at the forefront of these new tools and technologies, utilizing them not just in our office but out in the field as part of our foot and motor vehicle patrols.

But it’s our experience and expertise in responding and reporting to security alerts that really set us apart — and set the standard for the industry itself.

We provide multiple, customizable security solutions for Portland OR, Vancouver WA, and the surrounding metro areas. These include but are not limited to armed and unarmed officers, uniformed or plain-clothes security guards, last-minute and short-term security arrangements, and vehicle patrols in marked Eclipse Security cars.We work with both commercial and private clients, including banks, shopping malls, construction sites, residential complexes, and more.

And we offer free security assessments. This is an important step in the process as it allows our leadership team time to provide guidance on how best to secure your property and protect both its contents and the people who live and/or work there.

There may be things you know you need; we’ll show you things you may not be thinking about. Sometimes a property can be made more secure by the addition of security cameras or additional lighting along the edges of a property. Other times, a building can be made more secure by regular patrols by uniformed security team members.

Security Statistics

Of course, there are even more practical reasons why you need security. Many insurance companies will offer discounted rates for properties that install security systems with active monitoring plans.

According to Nationwide, about one-third “of all burglaries are classified as ‘unlawful entry,’ meaning the burglar was able to gain entry without using force — often through an unlocked door or window.”

Both Oregon and Washington were in the top half of states with the highest burglary rates per 100,000 inhabitants in 2019. And while property crimes have been declining in recent years, there were still almost 7 million instances of reported property crimes in the United States from 1990 to 2019.

Surely the fact that property crime has been decreasing has at least something to do with the increased availability of inexpensive and highly effective security systems aligned with professional monitoring and responses.

These statistics bring us back to the point we were making above: a burglar will choose the path of least resistance.

So make sure you resist.

You can do that with Eclipse Security as your trusted partner.

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